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Anderson State Bank

Advertising and art direction for a 145-year-old bank in rural Illinois
Anderson State Bank

Right-sized since 1876.

Anderson State Bank has one location and 145+ years of history serving clients as if they were part of the Anderson family themselves.

The bank has long been known in their corner of rural Illinois as a trusted partner, but they came to us to give their brand a 21st-century jolt. What resulted was creative that drew on their deep roots in the community, while also giving them a youthful edge – leading to a brand personality that is anything but timid.

We took their no-frills brick and mortar location and made it the hero image of the campaign, pairing it with lines that gave them credit for their many years of experience, while also touting the ways they make banking easier for their customers now.

Utilizing a combination of social media, print and outdoor, we collaborated with Anderson State Bank to create a presence that resonated with old and new customers alike.

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