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Estancia del Norte

New life for an iconic San Antonio hotel
Estancia del Norte

Where San Antonio Celebrates

Originally constructed as La Mansion Del Norte in 1978, the hotel that now houses Estancia del Norte was famous for drawing visitors from across the United States and Mexico who sought to experience San Antonio’s true character.

Now this local gem has been revitalized, and the vibrant and varied traditions of Mexico, Texas and San Antonio dance together in a space that feels at once timeless and new. Layered textures, colors and materials both familiar and surprising, dramatic architecture and old-world charm mesh seamlessly with contemporary styling and modern flair.

The identity for Estancia Del Norte features a monogram in the shape of a quatrefoil, an iconic design element found throughout the original property in the form of windows, courtyards and tilework. A key element of the architecture for which San Antonio is so famous, the shape has become an unofficial symbol of the city itself.

The logo was styled to reference the wrought-iron details found throughout the property, with a balance between the strong, rustic shapes and delicate flourishes.

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