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A fresh look for a brand in the business of beauty

Engineered to be beautiful.

FusionPKG, a packaging supplier to the beauty industry, built their reputation on elite engineering. Their masculine, no-frills branding was reflective of their clients at the time – no-nonsense production folks who were only interested in cost and function.

As the company evolved, they began leveraging their industry expertise to create complete beauty products – the formulas inside the packages, not just the packaging itself. Their target market shifted to the marketing teams at beauty brands, people who were interested in more than just a functional package. They needed to be convinced that FusionPKG understood what customers wanted, that they could speak the language of beauty. In short, FusionPKG needed a makeover.

The new branding for FusionPKG needed to maintain a focus on exceptional engineering, as it remained their strongest point of value. But it also needed to live in the world of beauty, with an elegance and femininity that felt at home right next to the beauty brands they served. The result was a shift in typography, a refinement of their familiar icon and the incorporation of a color palette drawn from the pages of glossy beauty mags. It’s professional enough to suit a B2B brand, but bold enough to demonstrate that they’re ahead of the market and ready to show retail beauty brands what success looks like.

Product photography by Chris Plavidal.

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