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Old Parkland

Brand identity and environmental design for an exclusive business campus in Dallas, Texas
Old Parkland

Restoring history.

It doesn’t feel like enough to call Old Parkland an “office campus.” Inspired by Jeffersonian architecture and the collegiate feel of Ivy League institutions, the 10 buildings that comprise Old Parkland were meticulously planned to inspire camaraderie between tenants and collaboration between businesses, and to provide a lush setting as a counterpoint to the typical office park. Interiors are luxuriously appointed with art and historic memorabilia, while the rich legacy of the grounds has been preserved and adapted to the modern needs of business.

Like the buildings themselves, the brand and creative assets needed to feel equally timeless and significant. Drawing on the property’s history and architectural references, a main campus seal rich in symbolism was created to greet tenants and guests upon arrival.

Next, a family of shield designs was developed to define and unify each of the different buildings. We extracted the shield shape from the main campus seal to serve as a consistent canvas, and then designed each building’s shield to symbolize its unique heritage. From there, we developed additional logos and seals for various campus amenities and event spaces. When applied in stone and bronze and woven into rich tapestries, the symbols feel as if they’ve been found, not created, and become as entrenched in the historic space as the campus itself.

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