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Pointe Bello

Brand positioning, collateral and website for a strategic intelligence firm
Pointe Bello

A balanced and nuanced approach to the beautiful and disciplined war of knowledge.

Pointe Bello is a strategic intelligence firm that works to illuminate the interior power structures of foreign entities. The name is a play on words that loosely translates to “beautiful war,” and that seeming contradiction informs the firm’s unique approach to intelligence. They seek to translate a complex web of international politics and business practices into beautifully concise and operational strategies for their clients.

Pointe Bello approached us with an existing logo – a tangram, a puzzle of seven simple shapes that can be rearranged into endless configurations – representing the firm’s ability to discern multiple possibilities and anticipate opportunities. We extrapolated that element into a suite of materials that reflects their unique balance of beauty and logic, simplicity out of complexity, and attention to detail with an appreciation of the bigger picture.

Sharp black-and-white folders, business cards and one-pagers with thin red and silver accents are designed to stand out and demand attention on desks stacked with manila envelopes and white papers. Their website features subtle animations, nontraditional UI and elegant typography that reflect the human touch behind the mountains of research they parse through on behalf of their clients.

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