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Silent Quadrant

Brand identity for a cybersecurity firm in Washington, D.C.
Silent Quadrant

Since 1993, Silent Quadrant has provided premium digital protection and peace of mind for the nation’s premier lobby firms in Washington, D.C.

When they’re at their best, they are invisible – the “silent quadrant” of their clients’ businesses, shielding their highly sensitive and confidential information before it can be compromised, and increasing their ability to secure influence on The Hill.

This positioning is brought to life with an identity that is equal parts style, mystery, intrigue and confidence. The logotype is simple, clean and bold, with a stylized search glass subtly emerging within the letterform of the Q. It represents the relentless commitment of Silent Quadrant to searching out malicious threats and malware on the darkest parts of the web, while conveniently serving as an ownable icon for the brand in social media.

For the business card, 24pt touché paper was duplexed to itself, then foil stamped with black foil to give the business card a bold first impression. And for the website, we created an experience with nontraditional perspectives and interactions to showcase how Silent Quadrant approaches digital security from a completely unique point of view.

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