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Siplast Roofing

Advertising and art direction for a national commercial roofing company
Siplast Roofing

If it lasts, it must be Siplast.

Based in Irving, Texas, Siplast makes some of the best commercial roofing products in the industry. They came to us with a need for their advertising to live up to that standard and evoke the same confidence that they have in their roofs. And in an industry where branding and advertising is notoriously dry, Siplast allowed us – and encouraged us – to take risks, resulting in a series of campaigns with a swagger that is unmatched in their space.

Each campaign highlighted the attributes of different roofing products in unique and unexpected ways. When Siplast needed to promote their liquid-applied roofing system, we developed a concept that showed objects representing a key product benefit emerging dramatically through the liquid roofing material. The series of ads was clean and striking – a welcome contrast to their competitors’ literal and cluttered ads.

Siplast’s entry into the single-ply market – a more basic roofing product that they had never offered before – required a very thoughtful strategy. As Siplast has always produced innovative, higher-end roofing systems, many customers and industry professionals were finding it hard to believe that single-ply was finally coming to Siplast. This inspired our campaign concept, where we paired subtle product shots with eye-catching imaginary creatures, to announce to the world – It’s not a myth, it’s single-ply. This campaign gained so much traction from the industry that one of their major competitors put out a copycat ad – luckily their version of the flying pig crashed and burned.

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