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Stephanie Taylor

Branding and photography for a line of timeless handbags
Stephanie Taylor

Approachable elegance and timeless style define this made-in-America brand.

Stephanie Taylor founded her eponymous line of handbags with a simple goal: to create the kind of handbag she had looked for for years but could never seem to find. Timeless and understated, but with pops of fun and color; made in America with the finest quality leather, yet at an approachable price point. It would be big enough to carry everything a working mom would need, and durable enough to stand the test of time.

Just as her products were inspired by her own lifestyle and needs, the branding we created for Stephanie Taylor reflected her story and values. Stephanie means “the crowned one,” and an elongated “T” monogram within the crown subtly references her faith. The crown also symbolizes the appreciation of quality, class and timeless style she knew her target customers would share. Below it are sprigs of sampaguita, the national flower of her husband’s native Philippines.

When art directing and photographing her line, we prioritized the same sensibilities of understated beauty and appreciation of detail, while highlighting the exceptional materials and elegantly demonstrating the bags’ versatility.

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