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Tadd Myers: Made With Merino Wool

Promo piece for Dallas-based photographer Tadd Myers, chronicling his travels through Merino sheep farms across the South Island of New Zealand
Tadd Myers: Made With Merino Wool

Beautiful, magnificent, Merino sheep.

This promo piece for Dallas-based photographer Tadd Myers features a series of breathtaking photos of Merino sheep farms on the South Island of New Zealand. Naturally, we titled the piece “Made With Merino Wool.”

As part of our research, we held several immersive calls with each of the farmers featured in the book. After battling the lengthy time difference and thick accents (on both sides, depending on your point of view), we were able to gain an understanding of their world. Their fascinating insights helped extend the “Made With” theme throughout the book by allowing us to share their unique perspectives and experiences.

Sewn to the cover is an actual Merino wool garment tag, sourced from the same farms featured in the book. The “Made With” theme continues throughout, helping to introduce the different farmers Tadd met along the way and their unique, sometimes humorous, but always reverent perspective on the New Zealand Merino wool industry.

Photos courtesy of Tadd Myers.

*Featured in the 2019 Graphis Design Annual, Silver Medal

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