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Toucan Classic Cocktails

Naming, branding and package design for a premium and portable cocktail experience.
Toucan Classic Cocktails

Classic Cocktails In Two Shakes

The founders of Unexpected Products saw an opportunity to develop a portable cocktail solution for those who enjoy ordering mixed drinks at bars and restaurants but felt intimidated to make their own beverages at home. Their unique two-can solution, where the liquor is housed in the top can and mixer in the bottom, allows customers who are on the go to play the role of bartender without the expensive setup or an expert background in mixology.

We first started with the name, Toucan, which comes quite simply from the make-up of the technology — two cans coming together to form a cocktail shaker. This play on words is quick to understand while still leading to an “aha moment” when customers realize the meaning behind it.

We then designed a mascot-style identity system. Referencing the two-can technology, our Toucan character is built from the numeral 2. Dressed like a professional bartender, the Toucan’s bright beak changes colors to coordinate with each beverage while the bowtie serves as a repeatable design pattern and identity shorthand. With the system in place, we then developed a packaging design, a graphic standards, a corporate pitch deck, a social media library of assets, plus several in-store teaser elements to help the brand take flight.


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