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Trajus Surfaces

Brand development for a collection of high-end custom cabinet and countertop companies
Trajus Surfaces

Keep building.

In an effort to expand into new markets and increase market share in a fractured space, our client needed to rebrand and unify a collection of high-end custom cabinet and countertop companies. Following a series of interviews with key stakeholders and a thorough competitive analysis, we developed a strong new brand strategy to align and position the company moving forward.

The name “Trajus” was inspired by the Roman emperor, Trajan – the industrious leader who reshaped the city of Rome through extensive public building programs and broadened the Empire to its peak geographical reach. The logo supports the roots of the name Trajus by abstracting a Roman legionnaires’ helmet, creating an ownable “T” in the negative space. The “T” also takes the form of a screw, which helps support their strategic vision to “keep building.” And as a hidden bonus, the symbol appears to be cabinets opening, with a horizontal surface slab above it, subtly referencing the industry in which they operate.

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