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44 Farms Catalogs

Sale book and holiday catalog for the largest producer of black Angus beef in Texas
44 Farms Catalogs
44 Farms • 44 Farms Catalogs

Grabbing the catalog by the horns.

44 Farms is nationally recognized for their cattle breeding programs as well as being a premium name on discerning restaurateurs’ menus.

When 44 Farms asked us to help them redesign their 2018 Fall Sale Book, we were facing a fast-approaching deadline and lots of information to organize into a publication that was both visually pleasing and informationally rich.

Fortunately, we were thrilled to find out that they had a deep and rich catalog of photography from renowned Texas photographer Tadd Myers.

Working with existing brand elements and their exceptional photography, we designed a book that told their story visually through oversized photography across multiple spreads, as well as through a refined tone of voice in copy and focused, easily digestible articles throughout.

Weighing in at over 100 pages of well-marbled design, their new sale books are hefty enough to give their bulls a run for their money.

When it came to tackling their 2018 holiday gift catalog, we built off the bones of previous efforts and leveraged our storytelling abilities, eye for detail and exceptional production department to showcase 44 Farms’ prime meats and treats. In creating a showcase of prime black Angus steaks and branded items that would make any steak lover’s holiday, the hardest part about working on a project like this was not getting hungry all the time.