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Clampitt Paper 75th Anniversary

Brand identity and environmental design for Clampitt Paper’s 75th anniversary
Clampitt Paper 75th Anniversary
Clampitt Paper • Clampitt Paper 75th Anniversary

Celebrating “The Paper People.”

2016 marked Clampitt Paper’s 75th anniversary as one of the largest and most respected paper suppliers in the Southwest. As a way to launch their celebration, we created an anniversary seal that pays homage to their very first logo from 1941, while also referencing their current branding. All in all, we created 12 unique logos, each one featuring a different accent color and paper character. In addition, we added a little fun to their existing Paper People pattern, which is typically used to wrap paper samples for delivery, by adding party hats, balloons and cakes to the existing characters.

The new logo system and Paper People pattern were then used to refresh branded collateral such as business cards, calendars and paper samples. Large wall prints were created for the exterior of Clampitt’s building as well as the entryway into their creative center and paper sample room. Large banners inside the creative center highlighted key milestones in the company’s history.

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