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Globe Life Field

Environmental design for the Texas Rangers’ new stadium
Texas Rangers • Globe Life Field

Creating a new home for the home team.

In 2020, the Texas Rangers debuted their brand new stadium, Globe Life Field. Its predecessor, Globe Life Park, was beloved by fans who witnessed many historic moments and heroics for the franchise over the stadium’s 25-year run. While the new stadium boasted 21st-century amenities, a retractable roof and air conditioning (praise the Lord), there was still one thing it lacked: history.

O&H partnered with the Rangers organization to bring that history and passion to life in interesting and provocative ways. With the stadium as our canvas, we helped bring larger-than-life 60-foot murals, sculptural installations and the franchise’s greatest players and moments to life, injecting it with a dose of the club’s history in ways that connect with long-time fans and new visitors, young and old.

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