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Raising Cane’s Football Campaign

Branding and promotional campaign celebrating Raising Cane’s football fandom
Raising Cane's • Raising Cane’s Football Campaign

When it comes to football season, we go all out.

Fall equals football at Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers, and we helped them go all out by creating nearly 40 unique Raising Cane’s logos and POP packages for each of their university and professional football partnerships across the country.

Each custom logo was designed to take on the unique characteristics of that particular school and team, nodding to their cultures and traditions and proving that Raising Cane’s understood them like only a true fan could. Guests at each of their restaurants were wowed at the length that Cane’s was willing to go to support their particular school, so much so that yard signs kept “disappearing” from in front of their restaurants and popping up in dorm rooms and fraternity houses across campuses nationwide.

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