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Raising Cane’s One Love Adventure

Promotional game development and creative to help drive Q1 traffic
Raising Cane's • Raising Cane’s One Love Adventure

Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner.

The beginning of a new year can be a tough time for restaurants, as many consumers make new resolutions to eat healthier and shed their “holiday pounds.” Others are looking to save money by dining more at home. These are formidable challenges for a quick-service restaurant (QSR) serving only chicken finger meals. While other QSRs may look to offer limited-time offers or discount their product to drive traffic, Raising Cane’s was committed to their menu and wanted to find a way to provide added-value extras and drive restaurant traffic in a notoriously tough time period.

Tasked with providing a promotional solve for this challenge, we came back to them with the One Love Adventure, a collectible peel-and-win game that would drive repeated traffic for customers and periodically reward them with free food and drink items. Our primary strategy was to incentivize customers to return multiple times within the first eight weeks of Q1 to collect enough pieces to win prizes, while also presenting opportunities to make additional unplanned purchases around those free items.

Together, we worked with Raising Cane’s to build out a fully integrated campaign that engaged customers with chances to win food, money and travel getaways, while also showcasing the rich history of the brand to educate customers and ultimately build brand loyalty.

As a result, Raising Cane’s sales and customer counts exceeded campaign goals. Year-over-year traffic increases directly attributed to the campaign were key to starting the year in the right direction and created immediate momentum. And by integrating TV and radio with the promotion, we were able to expand both reach and frequency of customers with trade areas. At the same time, interactions through their social media channels increased significantly. Crew members were also surveyed after the game ended, showing an increased knowledge of the campaign and a boosted sense of enthusiasm about their place of employment.

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