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Ranger Creek Skytrooper IPA

Packaging for WWII-inspired IPA from Ranger Creek in San Antonio, Texas
Ranger Creek • Ranger Creek Skytrooper IPA

Dropped from San Antonio, Texas.

The Douglas C-53 served as the U.S. Army’s transport vehicle, dropping paratroopers behind enemy territory throughout World War II. These airplanes featured iconic striping and were popularly known among the crews who flew and maintained them as “Gooney Birds.”

Ranger Creek honors this historic aircraft with their latest offering, Skytrooper IPA. The can mimics the plane’s fuselage, painted Army green with stenciled type, paneling, bolts, even the C-53’s iconic black-and-white stripes. And in honor of the plane’s original nickname, a custom gooney bird parachuting into battle has been illustrated along with the name, Skytrooper, to look and feel like a piece of nose art typically seen painted on the sides of military aircraft of that time.

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