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“Take Me to the Water” Documentary Film

Documentary film created for the Pin Point Heritage Museum
Pin Point • “Take Me to the Water” Documentary Film

Preserving a vanishing history.

When we began our research for the Pin Point Heritage Museum, we learned early on that the history of the community and the Gullah/Geechie people was not one written in history books. Rather, it was an oral history passed on in stories and anecdotes to the next generation, and one that was in danger of being forgotten in modern times.

One evening, as we stood on the dock of the factory overlooking a sunset on the Moon River, we listened to one of the community elders describing the life and work of his grandfather. It was then we knew that we could never do their story justice. We had to find a way to let them tell the story of Pin Point in their own words.

The result was a once-in-a-lifetime collaboration with filmmaker Jeff Bednardz and Lucky 21, culminating in an award-winning documentary that is the centerpiece of the museum. Over 18 months, we shot over 200 hours of footage of the people of Pin Point, capturing heartfelt, poignant, funny and personal anecdotes about their history, customs, culture and work life, told in a way we could never have done.

In addition to its use as a film to share with museum visitors, we took transcripts of the interviews to inform and personalize the content of traditional museum panels, while other “cutting room floor” clips found their way into interactive touchscreens and sound panels throughout the museum.


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