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Wyffels Hybrids Advertising

Advertising for a seed corn company based in Geneseo, Illinois
Wyffels Hybrids • Wyffels Hybrids Advertising

We may be outspent, but never out spoken.

What do you do when you’re the little guy? An independent seed corn company in an industry dominated by multinational conglomerates? You learn quickly that the secret to success – and the only way to survive – is by creating quite possibly the best seed corn money can buy.

While Wyffels may be outspent, it doesn’t keep them from being outspoken. Their stark, bold ads stand out amid the clutter and create a unique and wholly ownable personality of their own. And by utilizing a tightly integrated brand campaign across multiple mediums, we’ve helped position Wyffels as a powerful challenger brand. Brand awareness is at an all-time high, sales have increased each year, and Wyffels is now officially the fastest growing seed corn brand in the Corn Belt.

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